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🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬@iamnikitall

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🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

[Werbung/Advertisement] Niki Tall x   @mediamarkt_deutschland   Kooperation. Vielen Dank an alle die zum B-Friday Shopping/ meinem Live-Auftritt gekommen sind und sich ein handsigniertes Album abgeholt haben. Danke an   @feyruofficial   für das T-Shirt 👌👌👌1A. Shoutouts gehen raus an   @dominikkristen   für die Fotos und an   @_dj_carter_   für den DJ Support. Liebe Grüße Euer Niki Tall

Nienburg, Niedersachsen, Germany


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

2020 Should be the Year of Collabos for Niki Tall ? If you agree Say Yes and Tag the Artist you wanna see me on a Song with


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

My Naija people today is a special day. As u don see am already my love for Nigerian Culture no be small O. So now Let me tell you something about my Greek Christian Culture: Today is the 6th of Dec which is St. Nicholas Day. Since my name is Nicolas I got my "Name-Day" today in Greek we call it "GIORTI" which is sometimes even bigger celebrated than our Birthday. In greece we wish the person "Xronia Polla" which means directly translated "Many Years" but we use it to celebrate someone and wish the person all the best. So my people can I get a   #XroniaPolla   from you ? With love and hugs your Greek-German Nigerian Oyinbo Boy Niki Tall


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

Boys dey binu 😄 on a serious level

Lagos Island


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

Did you hear   @oladipsoflife   his verse on   #GBOGBOAIYE   mad mad mad 🔥🔥🔥 Full video link in my bio


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

GBO GBO AIYE OUT NOW WITH A VIDEO (LINK IN MY BIO) We had a crazy time on Air with the bro I love so much   @walepowpowpow   na only pidgin we don blow for dis show   #wetindey   Song: Niki Tall feat.   @oladipsoflife   - Gbo Gbo Aiye Cc   @adesope.olajide     @nweworldwide     @chopdaily     #Afrobeats     #afropop     #afrodance  


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

Gbo Gbo Aiye Video Out Now. Link in my Bio. The Clubbanger Song from the 10 Years Album features   @oladipsoflife   on this one. Video Director:   @avalonokpe  

Lagos Island


🇳🇬Niki Tall aka. Oyinbo Boy🇳🇬

THANK YOU ! You guys know am an indipendent selfmade "One Man Show" Artist. I know this my mentality (being economical and love doin things on my own) made me lose alot of time in my career, made me lose many deals, opportunitys and blocked me from growing to the next Level in a faster way as I did on my own. I sit almost every day alone in my Studio which I built & financed myself step by step over the past 10 Years - Including the knowledge how to use all this equipment, software and plugins. No Label or Money Man behind me ! YOUR SUPPORT, the help of God and people in the Industry who believe in me, my vision and who wanna see me "Up there" IS THE ONLY THING that keeps me flying and has brought me this far. For sure I am not the most gifted and best Singer, Rapper, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Audio Engineer, Videomaker, Manager or whatever I do in combination to succeed. but I am Niki Tall aka. the Oyinbo Boy 10 Years in the Game✔ Performed in 31 different Countrys in the World as an Afrobeats Artist✔ I believe God has this plan for me✔ Never Missed a Flight ✔ Never been unavailable because of a low battery ✔ Never left a promoter hanging or didn't promote a Show I was booked for✔ Never left a venue before every fan got the Picture I promised which he or she was waiting for✔ Never stopped or got lazy to improve my skills and myself✔ Never woke up a morning as Nicolas (my real name), not thinking about: How can I push Niki Tall to the Top ✔ Never relied on anyone and complained about their failures afterwards ✔ Never Scammed anyone✔ Never prefered my sleep more than my goals✔ Never made someone feel insecure around me when they spend their money for my services ✔ Never quit ! specially in the beginning when I had to establish my Name and Brand✔ Never limited myself, If I want something, my ambition to get it scares people around✔ Thank You for being a loyal supporter, no matter if you joined last week or 10 Years ago. with love and hugs Niki Tall



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