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Don’t worry shapewear lovers! I know it seems like we have been out of stock for a long time and we have been due to the name change issue at the beginning of our launch but follow the   @skims   account for details. We have a big announcement coming soon!


Kim Kardashian West

KKW DIAMONDS is all I need to smell divine this holiday season 💎💎💎


Kim Kardashian West

For over 11 years, Mario and I have worked together and created some incredible glam moments. I’ve watched him grow from a talented young artist who slowly and respectfully worked his way up through the years in the the old fashioned way, never expecting short cuts and always putting his work and others first. He values hard work and is loyal to the core. Never one to follow trends, he’s become a trailblazer, pioneer, educator and an inspiration to artists around the world. I’m so excited I can finally announce our 2nd collaboration together. I’ve watched him work passionately for the past year on this collection and campaign (and he’s also driven us all crazy!) in his quest for perfection. Stay tuned for round 2 of KKW x MARIO: The Artist And Muse ♥️ You guys are going to love this collection!!!


Kim Kardashian West

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for our family for Best Reality Show at the People’s Choice Awards. We are grateful for the win!!!


Kim Kardashian West

Happy Birthday sweet Dreamy! We all love you so very much! Going through my phone and see so much of you and Saint makes my heart so happy that you all are so close and have each other 💕.


Kim Kardashian West

I love launching products near the holidays because it’s always so hard to figure out what to get special people in your life so we’re making it really easy on you guys this holiday season! Make sure to pick up   @kkwfragrance   before it’s sold out


Kim Kardashian West

NYC 🖤 📷   @thehapablonde  


Kim Kardashian West

My favorite sister shoot ever!   #kkwdiamonds   We’re almost sold out! Such a successful launch! Thank you so much everyone who got your bottle! There’s still some left!


Kim Kardashian West

For the   #kkwdiamonds   shoot we wanted to do something different with our glam! I love curly hair for this shoot and saw such amazing amazing response with Khloe going brunette again. Glad we talked her into that! Hope you guys got the new   @kkwfragrance   diamonds collection available now on


Kim Kardashian West



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